Openoffice — Tarot du travail @Kaaitheater






Openoffice is an informal and free meeting open to all artists and cultural workers active in the performing arts in Brussels. Every month we meet in a different place, to answer questions and exchange information about everything that is related in the development and realization of artistic projects.
For this edition we invite Mathilde Maillard who initiate CLUB TRAVAIL in 2017, a project that explore the intimate relationship between people and their work.
The Tarot of Work (2020) is a game inspired by several tools of collective intelligence, in particular the game of tao, tinkered and revisited to form a collaborative divination tarot set. In it, each player sets out on a personal quest related to work and daily life. The quest is specified during a first card draw, "the draw of the present", then omens are revealed during a second draw: "the draw of the future".
The group supports each player in their quest. Unlike a classic tarot set, there is no need for experts to read the cards: the whole group has the power to unravel the mysteries of the game. In the final draw, called "commitment", players make a personal commitment that may involve the rest of the group.
> Date : 7th December
> Tarot du travail: 14h to 16h. Need to register, only 25 places available.
> openoffice cession: 16h to 17h (no need to register)
> For whom ? Artists, producers, cultural workers
> To register? Send an email to with your contact details
> Where ? @Kaaitheather
> Free of charge
> Language interventions : English/French
©Lucie Caouder